About us

Business outline

  • Machine tool

    Machine tool business is our fundamental business more than 100 years, and we are working on to deliver the better and cheaper products quickly so that we can contribute to customers productivity. 90% of the manufacturers is direct dealing, so we can offer good QCD(Quality, Cost, Delivery) for sure.
    We can also offer products of domestic and foreign from top makers.Especially in cutting tool, we have over 70,000 items in stock, so instant delivery system is well equipped. In addition, as before-service, our professional sales staffs suggest the processing improvement. As after-service, we take re-polishing and recycling of the tools and focus on service improvement. We believe that we strongly support your business with secure service system in terms of both hardware and software.
  • OEM

    We are developing OEM business to meet customers needs. We import superior products that Japan do not have and deal with as OEM products. In Japan, we plan and sell OEM products to tie-up with the manufacturers.
    The type of OEM could be divided into two types. One is dealing with the most advanced and innovative products. Another is handling of niche products from abroad that is difficult to find the manufacturer in country.
    Dealing with a wide range of domestic and foreign excellent products is one of our best strengths to offer the best solutions for the evolution and the diversity of needs.
  • Marking

    In the manufacturing sector, along with the trend of the times, tractability field has become important. Here in about 10 years the demand of marking machine is increased, and we are working as new business since 2008. We deal with dot marking machine from TECHNOMARK that can be used only with AC power supply, but we can offer total suggestion as marking system that fulfill the autometion and efficiency in conjunction and the production line of the robot marking.
    Moreover, the after-service system to handle emergent troubles is a key since lack of markings leeds the stop of automated lines. We have 14 sales office in the country, and they own a technical verification and repair departmentin-house, allowing quick and accurate support.

    Check official marking website!
  • New materials processing & surface-modified operation

    Ceramic that has been used for many fields as new materials to replace the metal has a strong point of hardness, but there is difficulty in processing. We are associated with our own factory in Shiga Prefecture and subcontract factories and do commissioned processing of ceramic materials as a specialty. We can offer a wide range of support, from the precision machining to large and long work proceeding. We also can support thermal spraying, build-up and various surface modification of coated parts. It will contribute to the production cost reduction by long life extension of parts and the recycling of resources.
    Please contact us if you need help in parts and tools. We offer the best solution in quality, price, delivery with one-stop service.