About us

Commitment to quality and the environment

Commitment to quality


Quality policy

We are a group that united in common belief of responsibility, long-term perspective, strong spirit of inquiry. We challenge with autonomy and aim the company that can obtain customer continued satisfaction.

Our role is making the improved result to customers, and so that we can work on developing helpful human resources. For example, to train a professional who can suggest a processing improvement and to find customers needs through a concrete demonstration are our contents of quality actions. For that, we actively held the study sessions such as taking short-term training at the maker and taking practical training with the makers corporation.

Commitment to the environment


Environmental policy

IZUSHI AND CO., LTD. recognizes that environmental conservation is an important management issue and fulfills a corporate social responsibility to leave a rich and beautiful earth to the next generation through selling machine tools, industrial machinery, manufacturing tools based in philosophy of both environmental conservation and business activities.

Our environmental commitments are dealing with products that is less water, power, oil and CO2 as much as possible. In other words, the commitment is offering products that meet customers environmental policy as a trading company. In addition, as a part of machine tool business, we contribute the environmental protection by tools life extension, tool recycling and tool re-polishing. Ultimately our mission; customers productivity improvement leads eco commitments.